Trip Planning Tips for New Commercial Truck Driver: The life of a Truck driver is challenging. Being on roads for several days to transport goods and raw materials. They invest their time and dedication to their work.

To become a successful and profitable truck driver, Planning of trip is essential. Planning takes less time whereas it saves from many mistakes. Perfect Planning will always help you to reach perfect destinations. It is proved by many truckers who are serving the country. A professional driver always knows how much important to plan a drive to make his trip successful. Planning will always make you free from stress. Also, you will get to know the comfort level of your drive if you have a perfect plan to reach your destination.

For a new commercial truck driver, the main objective is safe driving and timely delivering goods.

Here are some basic tips for new commercial truck drivers:

  1. The first thing in trip planning is to check the real mileage to your endpoint and enough legal hours to reach the destination.
  2. Plan the night halts and calculate the miles to travel each day.
  3. Write clear directions towards your destination.
  4. To make a comfortable ride take suggestions from veteran and senior drivers.
  5. Don’t stress for a single day, make your trip lovable and joyful.
  6. Never forget to carry basic essentials like drinks, the raw material for food, towels, wipes, etc
  7. Carry all required papers of the truck during the trip.
  8. Good health will keep you active and do better.

It is extremely important to know about your night halts, meals, and fuel.

Smart truck drivers used to trip plans around their abilities when there are no such heavy regulations over road transport. Until they feel tired or hungry they’d drive continuously and they will choose a safe place to stop. A new commercial truck driver must plan to carry an electronic logbook and to know about the trucking company, demands of the customer

Consequences of Unplanned trips:

  • ┬áNo exact idea about the fuel
  • No proper place for night halts and meals
  • No safe area to park the truck at night
  • Not knowing the location of truck service centers and fuel stations.
  • There may be a chance of the wrong route which costs the driver
  • Legal driving hours wasted which results in late delivery of goods.
  • The unplanned trip can damage your career graph

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