Do I need an Employer Identification Number to File 2290 HVUT Online?. Yes, To Report your heavy vehicle to the IRS, you need to have the IRS approved Employer Identification Number. An Employer Identification Number is also called the Federal Identification Number and it is used for the business identification purpose. So, to identify your business by the Internal Revenue Service, you have to fill out the Federal Form 2290 with your Employer Identification Number. Basically, the employer, corporations, sole proprietors, trust, partnership firms, government agencies, and etc.. need an Employer Identification Number. In that, the trucking industry must require the EIN for their 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form Online Filing process.

EIN importance to File 2290 Online:

An Employer Identification Number is a unique 9 digit number with the combination of both letters and numbers. For every business industry in the United States has one specific Employer Identification Number. And, it identifies the business for the tax administration purpose. In some cases, most of the people use the Social Security Number in the place of an Employer Identification Number. But in the trucking industry, the IRS no longer accepts the SSN as an EIN. So, an EIN is mandatory to File 2290 Highway Use Tax Form Online.

Apply for an EIN:

If you don’t have an EIN, then immediately apply for an Employer Identification Number. It is a very easy, fastest and simple process. The IRS offers free services to apply for an EIN. To know the application process of an Employer Identification Number, follow our steps and get your EIN quickly. They are
  1. Get into IRS website
  2. Apply for EIN
  3. Get your EIN

1. Get into IRS website:

To get your EIN very easily, you need to click on the IRS website link and that is www. And, it’s free to apply for an EIN.

2. Apply for EIN:

For an Employer Identification Number application process, the IRS requires your details. To get your EIN, you must enter your information on the application form. Particularly, your name, valid email id, valid mobile number, your nationality, and your country. You have to choose the type of entity also in the EIN application form. Here, you will get the options like a corporation, s- corporation, sole proprietor or individual, non- profit, estate, trust, and etc…from the above options, you need to choose your type of entity. Finally, choose the option either you are a US citizen or US resident and the Non –US citizen or resident.

3. Get your EIN:

After providing your required details to the IRS, you will get your EIN within a minute. But, keep it in mind, after getting your new EIN, it takes nearly 15 days of time to active your Employer Identification Number. So, before going to File 2290 Heavy Use Tax Form Online, you must check your EIN before 15 days and you need to check the active status of your EIN also. Then only, report your heavy vehicle to the Internal Revenue Service.

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